A note to potential applicants

If you are reading this because I pointed you to this page in an email, then first of all, I'm sorry for sending you such a short answer. However, I often receive emails asking if I would offer an internship, or if I would be willing to be someone's Ph.D. advisor, and in 99% of the cases, my answer is the same - because technically, such enquiries are about jobs. (This is different if you bring your own funding, e.g. via a scholarship. If this applies to you, I may have pointed you to this page too quickly; then please send me another note).

For job applications, there is a procedure here at the University of Oslo that I cannot (and would also not want to) bypass: every job is announced here, and goes through a "normal" application process. I also always announce openings in big letters on my home page. So: check if there is a job available, and if there is, do what is asked for.
If you get rejected, don't get discouraged. For one of my previous positions, there were 104 applicants (yes, for ONE job!). While we made a serious effort to shorten the list according to reasonable criteria, with so many applicants, I think it's impossible to know that you are making the "best" choice and that all other candidates are clearly less qualified.

If you have more questions, please take a look at this longer FAQ-style page that is maintained by my colleague Roman Vitenberg.

In case there is no job announced, perhaps you could find the links below useful? This is the excerpt of my bookmarks from when I was looking for a job myself (slightly updated and extended), which eventually gave me the one I have now. So it's biased towards academia and/or networking. Not all of these links may be great, some may be in German, and some might no longer function - sorry.

Good luck !!!

Note: in this list, text in italics is text that I have afterwards written / edited... the rest is just copy+pasted from bookmarks. Sites that I use for announcing jobs (partially because they let me do that for free) are shown in bold.

Ausländische Stellenbörsen
General overview with lots of job links


Just Landed Spanien,Deutschland,Kanada,Niederlande,Schweiz,Frankreich,Belgien,Großbritannien,Österreich,Luxe
Just Landed Spanien,Deutschland,Kanada,Niederlande,Schweiz,Frankreich,Belgien,Großbritannien,Österreich,Luxemburg,Italien,Griechenland,Irland,Portugal,Ungarn,Kroatien,Zypern,Bulgarien,Australien,Neuseeland,Dubai,Saudi-Arabien,Oman,Qatar,Kuwait,Bahrain,Südafrika,Südkorea,Argentinien,Costa Rica,
Calculate net salary and income tax


comsoc tccc
Check the mailing list archive
Check the mailing list archive
Great teaching jobs, education jobs. Faculty, teacher, research, and administrative jobs in education at colleges, universities, research institutes, and schools, on Academic Careers Online
Jobs for PhDs — PhDs.org: Science, Math, and Engineering Career Resources
jobs.ac.uk - job search - science, research & academic vacancies in the UK and abroad
Career.edu - academic job board
Job Board for the Academic and Research Community
Vacant jobs i Norway - Jobbnorge.no
Rekrutteringsportalen JobbNorge.no Møteplass for arbeidsgivere og arbeidssøkere. Stillingsdatabase. Søknadsadministrasjon. Meldingsassistent. Kandidatbase. Jobbsøking.
Science Careers
Find biology jobs, biotechnology jobs, cancer research jobs and other science jobs on Science Careers Job Search.
IEEE Job Site
DBWorld Login
Supposedly only about database-related stuff, but now so generic that almost anything can be found there
Higher Education Jobs in Sciences and University Jobs - sciences.AcademicKeys.com
Academic Keys for Sciences: Higher education jobs and university jobs at universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher education. Professional resources, conferences, and links to grants and funding opportunities.
EuroSys: European job openings in Systems
Eurosys, The European Professional Society for Systems
eUni - the academic career network - das akademische Karriere Netzwerk | university jobs and opportunities - Stellenangebote
eUni - Search 1000's of science, research and academic related vacancies world wide. easy to use job search and a free Jobs, Stellenangebote, Stellenanzeigen, Lebensläufe, national, international, eUni
Academic Jobs EU - The Leading Recruitment Site For Academic and Research Jobs In Europe
Academic Jobs EU - The leading recruitment site for academic Job in Europe
Jobs in Europe | Workcircle
Jobs in Europe from Workcircle, the UK job search engine. We search the UK's top job boards, employers and agencies.
Science Jobs from New Scientist Jobs
Find global science jobs on New Scientist Jobs. Use our science jobs search to find the latest jobs in science.
Brazilian computer scientist society... according to a friend, all kinds of job offers go over this list
French systems' list, also per advice from a friend
AcademicPositions ... note that there are country-specific sites too, try the following endings for the URL: .no, .fi, .se, .dk, .de, .co.uk
I don't know much about this one, but it looks nice. They have once contacted me immediately after I announced a job, so it seems that they have robots going through job ad pages of Universities such as UiO.

Last update: 5. July 2012
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