Note that the user tests are over; this questionnaire is only a dummy.

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questionnaire for the evaluation of various video transmission methods


1. preface:

the importance of media transmission in computer networks is permanently increasing. the established Internet data transmission technologies were not originally designed to transmit media (audio-video-data). now, efforts are undertaken to develop suitable technologies in order to enable and enhance comfortable and efficient transmission of audio/video-data in real-time.

the main problem in this context is the time - i.e. "real"-time capability of the transmission system: since the provisioning of a constant data stream in the internet is not possible for a normal end customer, realizing a fluent, fine granular live picture is difficult. this problem is solved by methods for data compression and buffering on the one hand and tailored transmission methods on the other. in this work, we are concerned with different transmission methods, i.e. dynamic adaptation of the video data stream to the available bandwidth in the network.


2. problem statement:

categories such as calmness and smoothness of a video and the granularity of individual frames are subjectively perceived and judged by humans. with the shown video recordings, the relative impression of the recordings is evaluated. after viewing the 9 sequences, we ask you to answer the questions below and return them via email (simply press the button) or by giving us the printed questionnaire.

thus, the procedure is:

- view the 9 video sequences
- evaulate the 3 similar sequences to each other
- rank the 9 sequences in an absolute manner
- submit the questionnaire via email (simply press the button) or by printing it


3. required downloads:

the movie is a divx-encoded avi-file; windows users need a divx codec to view it: DivX51

under linux, it suffices to install xine: main xine page, rpms


4. movie sequences

link to the movie (all the 9 sequences one after another, numbered):
(divX .avi) (.mov)

links to the 9 individual sequences:

1 intro a (divX .avi) (.mov)
2 intro b (divX .avi) (.mov)
3 intro c (divX .avi) (.mov)

4 poll a (divX .avi) (.mov)
5 poll b (divX .avi) (.mov)
6 poll c (divX .avi) (.mov)

7 credits a (divX .avi) (.mov)
8 credits b (divX .avi) (.mov)
9 credits c (divX .avi) (.mov)


these files reside at the informatik-web server.
in case of download problems simply visit Michael Welzl (7/28, Tel. DW 6110) and do the test on site!


5. evaluation

age: 0-14 15-49 50+
m/f: f m

the questionnaire:

a) quality comparison sequence "intro" (1, 2, 3)
(g=good; m=mediocre; p=poor)

1 g m p
2 g m p
3 g m p

b) quality comparison sequence "poll" (4, 5, 6)

4 g m p
5 g m p
6 g m p

c) quality comparison sequence "credits" (7, 8, 9)

7 g m p
8 g m p
9 g m p

d) absolute order of the 9 sequences (1=best, 9=worst)

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9


Involved: Michael Welzl, Werner Stadler