NetMusic - real-time long-distance musical interaction

(be prepared - most of the documents on this page are in German!)

Musicians jamming together over the Internet - that was the topic of my master thesis, back in 1998 (which, by the way, was my first little step into the swamp of computer networks):

Michael Welzl: "NetMusic: Echtzeitfähige Konzepte und Systeme für den telekooperativen Austausch musikalischer Information". German diploma thesis (Diplomarbeit), University of Linz, Austria 1998. (supervised by Jan Borchers and Max Mühlhäuser)

If you look closely, you'll find a very rough description of a data format / protocol which I called "MINI" (Musical Instruments Network Interface) in this thesis. The idea is also elaborated upon in this paper:

Max Mühlhäuser, Michael Welzl, Jan Borchers, Rainer Gutkas: "GlobeMusic: The Internet Scale of eMusic-Making", Proceedings of IEEE WEDELMUSIC 2001 (International Conference on Web Delivery of Music), Florence, Italy, 30 November - 1 December 2001, pp. 134-141, IEEE Computer Society press, Los Alamitos, CA, 2001.

After years and years of keeping this in the back of my head, and waiting for a good student to take it over, Klaus Hörmann developed a specification of MINI (a very significant step beyond the rough idea description that I had - Georg Regensburger provided valuable help for making this possible) as well as an implementation in his bachelor thesis: Code:

Then, Elmar Weiskopf extended the code of Klaus Hörmann with a GUI in his bachelor thesis, and carried out tests which show that a MIDI-MINI-MIDI translation yields better results than pure MIDI in the presence of congestion. You can see and hear it :-)

Binary: Source code:
Documentation: (English readme file, German bachelor thesis (.doc and .pdf) as well as Javadoc and Doxygen documentation of the software)
Results: (script files, tcpdump traces, diagrams)

The final publication where everything is documented is:

Michael Welzl, Max Mühlhäuser, Jan Borchers: "MINI - Making MIDI fit for Real-time Musical Interaction over the Internet", IEEE International Workshop on Advances in Multimedia (AIM-07), co-located with IEEE ISM-07, 10-12 December 2007, Taichung, Taiwan, IEEE CS press.

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