The "Performance Transparency Protocol (PTP)"

CADPC/PTP in a nutshell: a means to efficiently retrieve performance related information from a path.

Its usefulness was shown for isolated scenarios with long-lived greedy flows by simulating the "Congestion Avoidance with Distributed Proportional Control (CADPC)" mechanism, which solely relies on (rare) PTP feedback, as documented in:

Michael Welzl: "Scalable Performance Signalling and Congestion Avoidance", Kluwer Academic Publishers, August 2003, ISBN 1-4020-7570-7
Forewords by Jon Crowcroft and Max Mühlhäuser
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This is a revised (and the only published) version of my Ph.D. thesis; the defense took place in Darmstadt November 18 2002 (passed with distinction), the committee consisted of Max Mühlhäuser (supervisor), Jon Crowcroft (2nd supervisor), R. Steinmetz, W. Bibel and W. Henhapl.
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Some pictures:
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