CAVT - A Congestion Avoidance Visualization Tool

CAVT is a simple, open source Java program to "play" with Chiu/Jain-vector-diagrams (the ones that are used in the famous paper "Analysis of the Increase/Decrease Algorithms for Congestion Avoidance in Computer Networks"). The goal is to study the dynamics of congestion control methods for analysis or design. In CAVT, mechanisms are specified using a very simple script language.


This requires Java to be installed. On any platform (Windows, Linux, ..), go to the CAVTool directory and run the program with "java -jar cavtool.jar".

If you are using JDK version >= 1.4.2 and have a screen resolution <= 1024*768, you should use this version instead.


The readme.txt file that comes with CAVT should be enough to get you started. However, if you're interested in further information, here is more:

Last update: 5. October 2004
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