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This page contains some things to make your life with ns easier.


TCP-Linux updated to linux kernel version 3.17.4

TCP-Linux is great but quite outdated. On 8 December 2014, I updated it. Use at your own risk, this might be buggy! Really do read the readme file!

A GUI to create ns tcl scripts

UPDATE (29 Oct 2007): many bugs were fixed, and various details were enhanced by Stefan Hirschmann in this new version of NSBM. Here's the corresponding source code.


NSBM ("Network Simulation By Mouse") is a GUI that allows you to graphically develop simulation scenarios and then generate a tcl script. It requires java (1.4 recommended, it doesn't properly work with 1.5; here's a BETA version that should work with Java 1.5). The source code is also available - feel free to change it!

Here's a documentation package including example files.

NSBM was written by Wolfgang Gassler, Robert Binna and Thomas Gatterer, and later updated / fixed by Stefan Hirschmann under my supervision. The original (mostly german) bachelor thesis is the most complete documentation.

This paper also describes the tool and presents student feedback:
Michael Welzl, Muhammad Ali, Sven Hessler: "Network Simulation By Mouse (NSBM): A GUI Approach for Teaching Computer Networks with the NS-2 Simulator", Proceedings of the International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning (ICL 2006), 26-28 September 2006, Villach, Austria.

Preprocessing ns trace files

Stefan Kirchmair compiled his updates of these two programs with a german documentation and example script - this is available from here.

Need to obtain useful output from several simulations with varying parameters?
Get this archive which containts a piped version of "stats" + a usage example + a german readme file.


I use ns for teaching. My documentation slides etc. are therefore intended for students (or instructors).

Slides that give a brief introduction to ns based on the Marc Greis tutorial

Lengthy German ns documentation "Der ns-2 Netzwerksimulator"


For teaching purposes (if you don't want to change, but only use the simulator), this slightly older version of ns works fine under Windows.
Here is a working nam binary, and these binaries of the throughput and stats were generated with perl2exe (alternatively, you can use the java variants).
This package contains everything at once and the Marc Greis tutorial too.

Important note: set the environment variable HOME to "." ("set HOME=.") before running nam!


Last update: 8. December 2014
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